The New York Times’s ‘The Times of Georgia’ on the Confederate battle flag controversy


— The Times of Southern Georgia’s front page today features an editorial arguing that the Confederate flag should be returned to Georgia and that the flag’s display should be banned across the country.

The editorial is the latest in a string of opinions in the Times that have taken aim at the flag, a symbol of slavery and racial segregation.

The newspaper published an opinion piece last month that questioned whether the Confederate Battle Flag is “symbolic of a racist and white supremacist past and current.”

The editorial also questioned whether Confederate soldiers should be allowed to keep their battle flags in private residences, saying they “contribute to an image of an angry white man in battle who stands on his hind legs and is a menace to society.”

The newspaper has also been widely criticized for its editorial board’s support of President Donald Trump.

The editor, Michael Kors, said in a statement this week that the Times is “in the process of reviewing” the editorial.

“We feel that a review of this editorial should be conducted in a spirit of openness and respect for all sides, especially when there are no definitive facts to support the viewpoint expressed,” Kors said.

The Times editorial board is not the only one questioning the Confederate Flag’s historical significance.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which covers the metro Atlanta area, has called on the state flag to be returned, citing its association with slavery and segregation.

“The flag is a reminder that slavery existed and continues to exist in our state and in many other places in the country,” the newspaper wrote in a editorial this week.

“It’s an example of what we call the ‘Southern Manifesto,’ which was adopted by some Southern states in the antebellum South.

The flag is emblematic of this and should be given to Georgia.”

The Georgia Flag and Banner Association has said the flag is not a racist symbol and that it’s not racist to oppose its display.

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