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Today’s podcast: This Week In Irish News – show The Independent article Ireland’s economy is growing faster in 2017 than any of the EU countries except Germany and Britain, but growth is slowing compared to the past two years.

The economy is predicted to grow by 0.4pc this year compared to 0.5pc in 2017.

This is down from a 1.4 per cent increase in 2017, according to the latest figures.

This means the country’s GDP will be $1.3 trillion in 2020, according a Reuters poll of economists published on Monday.

A spokesperson for the Irish government said the economic data shows that the country is on the right track to meet its economic targets, and the economy is expected to grow at a healthy 2.5 per cent in 2021, according the OECD.

Business Insider – article Ireland is on course to become the fastest growing economy in Europe in 2021 – Business Insider article Ireland has a bright future ahead of it, according Irish finance minister Paschal Donohoe.

In a speech today, Mr Donohoy said Ireland is “on track” to become one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe by 2021.

He said that Ireland has seen a record number of investments in new technology, as well as a number of jobs created.

Mr Donahoe also said the government is “doing a lot more” to boost infrastructure investment and improve Ireland’s export competitiveness.

Irish Times article The world’s biggest car insurer has warned its customers about the growing risk of coronavirus as the virus spread from one of its customers in China to Europe.

The company, AIG, warned of the potential for coronaviruses spreading from China to the UK, Ireland and other European countries.

In its latest quarterly financial results released on Tuesday, the insurer said it expects to see “a significant number” of coronovirus cases in Ireland in 2021.

“It is extremely concerning that the global outbreak has occurred in Europe, where many of our members have been operating for the last six months,” AIG’s Chief Executive Officer John Flannery said.

In response to the coronaviral threat, Ireland has introduced a raft of new measures, including the introduction of a new anti-cavirus vaccination programme for all workers. “

These measures will include a review of our policy and our operations to ensure that we are able to maintain our strong core business and operations and remain globally competitive.”

In response to the coronaviral threat, Ireland has introduced a raft of new measures, including the introduction of a new anti-cavirus vaccination programme for all workers.

“The government has also undertaken a raft for the insurance industry, including a range of measures to support the insurance market in Ireland,” Mr Flannery added.

In the UK and France, however, there are no new measures for the UK.

In France, the number of confirmed cases of coronatavirus in people aged over 65 fell by half last year, from 9,600 to 3,200.

“At the moment, we are still seeing the effects of the pandemic, and this is reflected in the reduction in the number and severity of coronats,” said Dr Thierry Lebrun, head of the French national coronavaccine centre.

“In other words, there is still a lot of work to do.”

In the US, the pandemics are only starting to spread, but experts say it is not as dire as it was in Europe.

US President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence

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