How to Make a Spicy Chicken Tikka Masala in less than 15 minutes with this recipe

The chicken recipe for Tikka masala is easy to make and the flavor is rich and spicy.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make this spicy chicken recipe!

Today, we’ll share how to make the chicken recipe with this easy recipe.

The Tikka is a classic Indian chicken that is traditionally served with rice and curries.

This chicken is a favorite of Indian cuisine. 

I love to serve this spicy version of Tikka as part of my roti. 

To make the Tikka, we start with rice.

You’ll add 2 cups of water to your chicken to make a chicken stock. 

Next, add salt, pepper, turmeric, coriander powder and ground coriand rice.

Next, add chicken thighs, cut into 4 pieces, and mix well. 

Add a little water to the chicken stock and stir to combine. 

Cook chicken thighs in water for 20 minutes or until they get browned. 

If the chicken is still a little tough after 20 minutes, add more water. 

After 20 minutes the chicken should be ready. 

Take out the chicken thighs and cook them in a pan on medium heat for 10 minutes or on low heat for 5 minutes. 

Now, take a piece of cooked chicken and place it on a cutting board. 

Make sure the chicken pieces are coated with the seasoned chicken stock, and then add some shredded cheese to the top of the chicken. 

Mix the cheese with the shredded chicken pieces, mix well and cook until the cheese melts and becomes creamy. 

You can also add some fresh herbs, parsley, coriolis and onion for flavor. Enjoy!

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