‘There’s not enough room’: FACTOR in the jury’s decision on Fergie trial could face more than $30,000 penalty

Today in rugby: Fergies defence lawyer Peter Kelly told the jury today that there was “not enough room” to sentence him to as much as 18 months in jail for the manslaughter of Fergys mother.

The court heard Mr Kelly said he was not a racist but was “disturbed by the comments” made by the police and other community members about him in the days before his death.

Mr Kelly also told the court he was worried about his ability to support his wife who had a child with Fergy.

Mr Justice Martin said there was a risk of the jury being swayed by Mr Kelly’s comments.

He said the jury could be swayed by comments made by a group of people.

“They will hear from a lot of different people,” he said.

“But the jury will only be told the most relevant and relevant evidence.”

Mr Kelly told court he had been “distracted” by Ferges comments and said he believed the media would have been less focused on his case if he had not been convicted.

He also said he did not know whether Ferg’s behaviour towards his wife had contributed to her death.

The court heard Fergs lawyer Peter Kennedy had told the prosecution that Ferg had said that he would “do anything for the girl” and “go after anyone who was trying to stop him”.

“He was clearly disturbed by the comment he made, and he was disturbed by it,” Mr Kennedy said.

Mr Kennedy said Ferg was “very disturbed” by the media’s coverage of the case and that it had made Ferg look like a “bully” to his wife.

Judge Martin said he understood the jury would be made aware of the comments but “the jury will be told nothing more about those comments”.

Mr Justice Martin added he would not accept that there would be any “insight into his behaviour” because it was “inappropriate” for a person to make a comment about someone else’s behaviour.

In the opening statement to the jury, Mr Kelly had said he had suffered a “traumatic” incident as a result of the events surrounding his son’s death and his wife’s death.

He told the trial he was upset and “heartbroken” at the way the media had reported the case.

Ms Kelly’s death occurred in February 2010.

His wife died in January 2015, shortly after she went to the hospital to be treated for a broken hip.

Fergie’s trial has been adjourned until January.


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