A new trailer for The Force Awakens has been released to coincide with the movie’s release in theaters.

The trailer, which was posted to Instagram by a user called baltimoresun, has been viewed over 12 million times.

The poster includes a teaser of a shot of Kylo Ren from The Force Unleashed, a teaser from the original Star Wars trilogy and a teaser for the second film.

The teaser opens with a shot that shows the Millennium Falcon and the Millennium Destroyer in orbit over a large battle site.

A new scene opens in the background as Finn and Rey are flying over a battle scene.

A second shot shows Kylo’s silhouette in a new setting.

A new teaser opens in a shot where Finn and Kylo are on a space station.

Kylo is shown with his lightsaber at his side.

A third shot shows Finn, Rey and Chewbacca in space.

The new trailer includes a shot from the trailer, and it includes a brief clip of the iconic battle between Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.

The first teaser trailer showed Han and Chewie flying over the battle scene as the Millennium is approaching.

In the new trailer, they’re flying on the Millennium and Han’s lightsaber is visible in the foreground.

The Millennium Falcon flies above as the Falcon is flying above.

Han and Chewy are flying on top of the Millennium, and Chewi appears to be the Millennium’s pilot.

In another shot, the Millennium arrives in orbit of a battle site and Finn and Chews are seen flying over it.

The two new trailers also feature a shot in which Finn, Kylo and Chewing look at a ship in the distance.

The ship is shown to be a space freighter.

Another shot shows the Falcon flying over an island, and a small group of fighters are flying past the ship.

The fighter plane is in the sky and appears to have a large pilot on board.

The second trailer includes footage from the movie, showing Finn and Han riding on a spaceship.

A spaceship appears in the frame.

A fighter plane flies by, and the Falcon flies over a cityscape.

In another shot of the ship, a group of fighter planes are seen hovering over it, and Finn, Chewi and Rey appear in a ship on top.

In a third shot, a fighter plane appears to hover over a ship.

Another shot shows Chewisto and Rey riding on an airplane, with a small fleet of fighters on the ground.

A group of pilots, with the Falcon on the top, hover above a city.

A pilot appears to fly a fighter at the bottom.

A pilot appears on the roof of a ship, as the ship is seen in the bottom frame.

In an additional shot, an airship appears above the cityscape, with fighters on it.

A large group of aircraft flies by in the shot, and several fighter planes appear overhead.

The video was posted on August 22.

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