The next major WikiLeaks release is due in the coming days, and it’s being referred to as “The Vault” or the “largest cache of documents” in the history of WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks is set to publish a trove of documents on a variety of topics that will come to light in coming weeks.

The Vault is expected to contain an estimated 10,000 terabytes of documents, but the company has yet to release a concrete number for the total volume of documents.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the total size of the Vault could reach 1.5 petabytes.

The new documents will reportedly be released “in batches, starting with an initial release in July and continuing through November,” Bloomberg reported.

The first batch of documents is expected on Thursday, but it will likely be delayed to make sure the Vault doesn’t break or leak any data before the Vault 2 release, according to Bloomberg.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has been under house arrest since his arrest in 2013, has remained adamant that the Vault was not hacked.

However, the release is being seen as a major victory by WikiLeaks and the American people for a number of reasons.

The information the Vault contains will be invaluable in the fight against the government, WikiLeaks said in a statement.

“The public’s access to the largest cache of classified information in history will enable the public to better understand the nature of government secrecy and will provide the public with more reliable information about the tactics and capabilities of the U.S. government, which have been a source of great frustration to WikiLeaks and others,” the statement reads.

Assange has long claimed the Vault will be the largest leak in WikiLeaks’ history.

It was first published on January 7, 2016.

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