Chris Pignatelli, a former UFC welterweight champion, was a little boy growing up in rural Indiana when he met his father, Joe, a boxer.

“He was a guy who always had the fight, the fight of his life,” Chris Pascolini, a retired boxer who has a son with Pignatto, told ABC News.

“He would always fight and beat everybody and he never took anything for granted.”

Chris grew up in a very humble and down-to-earth way, and that was how he got to know his dad.

“Chris Pignato, right, and his dad Joe Pignati pose with Chris and his mother, Jill.

Joe Pascatelli died in October.

The Pignatti family’s story is told in the new book “Fighting: The Journey of Chris Pirlato” by Mark Leifer.

Pascato’s father died when he was just 24, and Chris’ mother, a college professor, was just 34.

Chris and Joe Pirlatelli met while he was at a boxing tournament, and they stayed in touch over the years.

Pignato has been a longtime boxing fan and coach, and he was introduced to Pignolini through his coach, Mark Leiber.”

He liked to think of himself as the underdog, and it kind of rubbed off on me.””

I guess he kind of liked to be the underdog.

He liked to think of himself as the underdog, and it kind of rubbed off on me.”

In the book, Pignellos family also talks about how his father had been in a car accident in his hometown of West Virginia.

His family was devastated, but Joe Pincolini got the chance to visit him in hospital, where he learned that Chris had survived.

“I think my dad knew that it was his son, and if you knew Chris, you knew that he had been through a lot,” Pascotto said.

“It just gave me a chance to talk about that.”

Pignatellis family has a lot to live up to.

In March, Pascatto won a world title by knockout against Anthony Joshua in the main event of a fight card in Las Vegas.

The win put him in contention for the UFC’s welterweights championship, and Pascotti had to wait until July to get his shot at the title.

Pascatello, 27, will fight for the welterback title again this Saturday in New York City.

He is looking to become the first fighter to hold the title since Joe Patelli in 1999.

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