It’s no secret that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the best games of 2016.

And if you’re not already familiar with the Legend of Link series, it’s also one of its best, and Breath of a Wild is no exception.

But while it’s a solid entry in the franchise, it suffers from some of the worst theft schemes in the series, according to IGN.

So let’s take a look at the most blatant, and the least-obvious, theft schemes you can steal in Breath of Wild.

The most blatant and obvious one: Using a fake Link to steal a treasure chestThe simplest of the many ways you can try to steal an item in Breath Of The Wild is to simply steal it from a treasure chests.

There’s one particular chest in each area of the game where Link can obtain items such as bombs, armor, and coins.

The chests can also be opened by Link, so if you don’t know where to look, it might be a good idea to get a little creative and use a fake one.

This is the simplest way to steal items in Breath, and while it requires a bit of luck, it works really well, because the chests are only open for a short time before being closed again.

The easiest way to do this is to open one of these chests, then go to a different area and enter the chest.

The chest will open again, but now with an item inside.

This method works well for most items, but not all.

When you’re looking for a specific item, you’ll want to open the chest that contains the item.

For example, if you want to find a bomb in a chest in the Great Plateau, you can simply use a bomb to open that chest.

Once you find a Bomb, you’re able to find the Bomb.

In the same way, the same strategy applies to armor and coins, but it won’t always work.

When trying to steal something in Breath Wild, you have to think about where you’re going to go, and how many people are around to help you.

The best place to go is the North West, or in other words, the area you’re already in.

If you’re in the North or South West, then you can use a different trick to open a chest and take an item from it.

The trick is pretty simple: Just walk through a door and jump off the platform that you’re standing on, or jump off another platform and jump into a chest.

If you’ve opened the chest before, you won’t need to do it again.

If the chest is a bomb, you should still use the trick to take an object from it, but this time you’ll need to open it from the side, rather than the top.

If the chest contains a chest piece, use it to open up a chestpiece.

Then, just drop it in front of the chest piece and jump out of the way.

The next time you open the treasure chest, it will give you the bomb.

This method will work if the chestpiece is a treasure piece, as well.

If a chest is an item, it should also open a treasure treasure chest.

Simply pick up an item on a platform and then go through the chest and jump over the platform to the other side.

The other treasure chest should open up.

Now, jump out the way and pick up another item in the chest (either a Bomb or a Sword).

Jump down the platform and hop on another platform.

Jump on a chest again and jump on another chest.

This will open up more treasure chests and you can continue with the same trick, but just keep jumping and jumping over the platforms until you’ve picked up all the items.

The items will then be in the chests.

There are a few more types of chests, but these are the easiest to open.

If a chest has an item that has an icon in it, you just have to go to the chest’s icon and pick it up.

If it has an empty slot, then it will be opened.

You can also pick up a random treasure piece from the chest if it doesn’t have an icon, or a random item if it has one.

The exact method is unknown, but most of the chests have an item icon on it, which means that you can grab the item and then jump onto the platform you want the chest to be on.

This works best if the item is a Bomb and you need to use the Bomb, as you will need to jump over it and land on the platform where the bomb is.

You can also steal items from chests that are guarded by a guard.

The guards in these chests will not attack you unless you steal their item.

You will have to sneak past the guards, or use a trick to get past them.

The best way to break into these chests is to just jump onto one of them, then jump off and attack the

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