Today, I want to tell you how to protect yourself, your loved one, and your family from today’s tragic and devastating events.

I want you to be aware that you and your loved family may be at increased risk of becoming victims of violence and sexual assault in the coming days.

You are at greater risk if you are on social media.

If you have been using social media, please be aware of the risks and be careful to stay away from the social media sites.

I know that you are aware that this is an evolving situation.

There is so much we still do not know about this tragedy and we will continue to share updates and information as we have them.

Today, let’s learn from this tragedy.

The tragedy is that the victims of this tragedy have been young men, and the tragedy is the fact that the perpetrators have been men in the past.

The men who have perpetrated this heinous crime are not the only perpetrators.

We are also in the midst of a wave of sexual assaults in our country.

This is why I am asking you to remember that these are not isolated incidents.

There are others out there who are perpetrating this type of crime against women, and you can protect yourself and your families.

The first step in protecting yourself and protecting your loved in today’s events is to know what the dangers are and to stay aware of what’s happening.

If someone is in a relationship and has been sexually assaulted or harassed, you must contact the victim immediately.

Call 911 and then contact the police.

The police will be able to help you and help the police investigate the case.

If your loved is in danger and you need to seek medical help, the police will help you find the nearest hospital.

The second step in your protective steps is to be vigilant about your own social media activities.

The number one tip is to not use social media unless you have absolutely no other choice.

Make sure you’re not engaging in inappropriate or inappropriate or even hateful behavior.

There’s also a good chance that you will be making mistakes, which can make you look like you’re being manipulated.

It’s important to look for patterns in behavior, particularly if you’re on a dating site or online.

You may be tempted to get revenge or just because you see a picture or post of someone who has been the victim of sexual assault, that could make you think that that person is a predator.

I encourage you to check the posts of the people you see on dating sites and see what posts you see.

You can also ask yourself, “Am I being manipulated by someone who knows what I’m thinking or who is encouraging me to be angry?”

You should be asking yourself the same questions about your interactions with your family and friends as you do when you’re in a dangerous situation.

If you have a child, you should keep them away from social media and on the phone.

If a child has been in a situation that has led to a situation where their child has had sexual contact, please ask them to stay home from school or school activities.

You should not take your child out of school until you know that it’s safe to do so.

The second step to protect is to avoid situations where children may be involved in sexual activity.

You will need to have a good sense of when the time is right to talk to your child.

Do not do things like put your child on the playground or playing with your child, or take them out to a restaurant.

Do you know if you have any children in your household?

If so, please call your local child protective services office to see if they are available.

Children should be given time to talk with someone who will be willing to help them through the situation.

And remember, even if you don’t have a family member, your child is your friend and is in your best interest.

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