What you need to know about Venezuela’s latest snow storm – and what you need today

What you really need to have today’s morning news:1.

The National Guard says there is no military presence in the capital, Caracas, and it is under curfew.

But it is unclear if the city is under lockdown.2.

The government says it has dispatched a military force of about 10,000 to reinforce its forces and police.

It has not said how many are in Caracas.3.

The opposition blames the military for a coup attempt against the government on Friday.

President Nicolás Maduro has blamed the opposition-led congress for the attack.

The opposition says it will protest on Monday against Maduro’s government, saying it wants to end the crisis.

The demonstrations have become increasingly violent.4.

Venezuela’s economy is in a recession.

The country’s currency, the bolivar, has fallen to a five-year low.5.

There is no shortage of money for food and other basic needs, with more than $7 billion left in bank accounts.

But the government says inflation has not reached a level of 50 percent.6.

A number of Venezuelans are struggling with shortages of medicine and toilet paper.

The shortage is caused by a shortage of the products, which are widely available in the country.7.

There are fears that Venezuela could see a humanitarian crisis as the country suffers from the worst humanitarian crisis in the Western Hemisphere.

Venezuela has already been hit by a food shortage, which is being exacerbated by a drought.

The situation is getting worse.8.

A humanitarian aid convoy from Colombia and Ecuador has arrived in Caracaajuela, Venezuela’s largest city.

The United States has been shipping aid in a bid to help ease the country’s humanitarian crisis.9.

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Torrijos, is in Germany.10.

A US senator, Bernie Sanders, has called on the Trump administration to help end the humanitarian crisis, calling it an “existential threat” for Venezuela.

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