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A year ago, the term “American Dream” had been replaced by the word “Dreamers,” a term used to describe undocumented immigrants.

Today, as many as a million undocumented immigrants have arrived in the United States since President Donald Trump’s election in November.

What was once an immigrant issue is now a national issue, and Trump’s policy has made it a major one.

Here are five things you need to know about the issue.

What is the American Dream?

The word “American” is an umbrella term for the broad American Dream.

It means people who are from here, regardless of where they are or how they came to this country.

In the United Kingdom, the word has been used since the 16th century to describe people from anywhere in the world who are able to settle permanently in the land of their birth.

In 1816, the first American settlement was established in Philadelphia, where some 500,000 people arrived.

The first American settlers on the frontier were European immigrants from France, who arrived in 1620 in North Carolina, settling in what is now eastern North Carolina.

Many of those immigrants settled in the western portion of the state.

The new settlers of the 1800s in the west were predominantly Irish immigrants from the northwest.

Many people of African descent were also brought to North Carolina and settled in New Bern, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina during the 1830s and 1840s.

During World War I, the United Nations designated North Carolina as a World War II-era camp.

The United States entered World War Two in 1945 and the country is still fighting a conflict with the Soviet Union that continues today.

In many ways, the dream of the American dream has always been a universal experience for many people.

People in North and South Carolina are immigrants to this nation.

Some of them are from Africa, but many of them come from other parts of the world.

Many are the descendants of refugees fleeing war, poverty, and persecution.

Some are farmers or migrant workers from Latin America who arrived here after fleeing war and persecution in their homelands.

A number of other immigrant groups have also come to the United State, including Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese, and Cuban migrants.

The American Dream is a way of life.

Some people are born here, some are brought here, and some came here through no fault of their own.

They have the opportunity to have a good life here and the opportunity not to have to live there for the rest of their lives.

This was the dream for many of the first Americans who came to the North Carolina in the 1820s and 1830s.

They were part of a wave of migrants, mainly from the eastern United States, that helped form the new country of the United STATES.

Today’s Dreamers are descendants of the immigrants who came here in the 1800 and the 1840s, the people who came from Europe, Africa, and Asia and who settled in North Carolinas in the 19th century.

The idea of the Dreamer was one of the biggest themes of the election of President Donald J. Trump, who was reelected with an 80 percent of the vote.

Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” made no mention of immigration, and instead, he talked about the importance of immigration.

“When we talk about the Dreamers, the Dream, and the American way, we need to think about what’s happening in the country,” he said.

Trump promised to end the mass deportations that have taken place under his administration, to build a wall on the border with Mexico, to stop illegal immigration, to end mass incarceration and to stop the flow of undocumented immigrants across the border.

Many Dreamers who came through his border wall plan to stay in the U.S. for years, as they are part of the country that created them.

The most recent U.N. estimates say that nearly 600,000 Dreamers have entered the country illegally since Trump’s inauguration, and at least 200,000 have been deported.

A Trump administration official said in a statement that the Dream Act, passed by Congress in 2017, is “a critical piece of the solution to the massive humanitarian crisis that the president has inherited.”

The Dream Act was signed into law by Trump on March 4, 2021, and has been the subject of debate since then.

Critics argue that the law, which provides legal status to nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrants, does not do enough to protect the Dream families who have lived here since the 1980s.

But Trump has said that he would not deport Dreamers without legal status, and he has called Dreamers “the bedrock of our nation.”

What are the Dream Defenders?

As immigrants, Dreamers face challenges when they try to gain legal status.

Most Dreamers need to apply for green cards or other visas

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