It may be easy to get swept up in the news and become addicted to cocaine.

But you can stop the drug’s rise and turn it into a healthier alternative, according to a new study from the University of New Mexico.

The research shows how a simple change in diet can help the coca plant recover from the drug overdose epidemic, and how to manage it as well.

“Our study shows that even modest changes in diet, as small as a cup of sugar or a banana or a little bit of fish oil, can help mitigate coca’s drug effects and restore health,” said senior author Joaquín Castro, a doctoral student in the university’s Department of Integrative and Integrative Health Sciences.

The findings, which appear in the journal Addiction, are based on an intensive clinical trial conducted in three states in Mexico.

In one, the researchers tested people on a low-carbohydrate, low-fat diet and found that those who followed the plan lost almost 30 percent more weight and were able to have less cocaine use.

In the other, the team found that people on the low-sugar, low.

fat diet lost a whopping 37 percent more than those who ate the same amount of sugar, fat, or fish oil.

The participants on the diet had to eat twice as much as the average American diet in order to keep up with the weight loss.

The researchers then analyzed the results and found those who did follow the low fat diet had better blood sugar control, less inflammation, and less blood pressure than those on the high-soda diet.

Those on the higher-sodas diet were also able to lose about 25 percent more body weight than those of the average dieter.

The study authors believe the results could help people who are looking to stop their use of cocaine, as well as those who have recently moved to a healthier lifestyle.

The results are a boon to the drug war and a positive step forward in fighting addiction, Castro said.

The authors note that there is still a lot of work to be done to understand how the high dosages of cocaine can be broken down and how they can be taken up again, and what the effects of high dosage are for people with underlying health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

“What we can do is try to understand these mechanisms and try to improve their efficiency,” Castro said, noting that the drug will still be present in the brain, but the effects on the body will be more limited.

The scientists also note that people with a drug addiction are more likely to have a chronic condition such as heart disease and diabetes.

“This is not the end of the story, but this is a start,” Castro explained.

The new research, led by a graduate student, is the first to evaluate the effects that low-dosage diet has on drug use and mortality.

The first study was published in the Journal of Substance Use and was funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse.

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