Why does racism exist? The answer, say researchers, is because of our limited ability to analyse our own biases.

By the end of this month, more than 40 per cent of the country’s public sector workforce will be Muslim.

A new report from the Centre for Social Justice says there is no place for racism in Australian society, and suggests that the most powerful way to change that is to address the problem head-on.

“Racism in the workplace is a real problem in Australia,” said the report’s lead author, Dr Sarah Jones.

“But the issue of racism is rarely talked about and that is a problem.”

“It is also a problem in our schools and communities,” she said.

“Our society has failed our children, we are failing our society.”

The report looked at more than 1,000 workplace incidents in the state of Victoria between the 2010 and 2013.

It found that while racist incidents were not as prevalent as in the past, there were still significant racial divides within the workforce.

“The most troubling thing about our findings is that we found racism in almost every workplace incident, regardless of race,” Dr Jones said.

“This is because, for many years, there has been a culture of racism in our society, including a belief that there is racism in society.”

For some people, racism is a matter of survival.

They see racism as a way to survive.

“It is a belief, the report found, that is deeply rooted in our national culture.”

I believe that the way to make our society more fair and equal is to eradicate the beliefs that make racism inevitable and to create a culture that respects diversity and inclusion,” Dr James said.

Dr Jones said she hoped that the report would help to inform people about racism, including in the workforce, and help to reduce prejudice.”

The real issue is that racism is alive and well in our community, in our country, and it needs to be addressed.””

The real issue here is not about who is racist or not.

The real issue is that racism is alive and well in our community, in our country, and it needs to be addressed.”


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