This morning,’s local radio station KTVB was the first to reveal it will be returning to the top spot for the second year in a row.

The station’s ratings rose by 7 per cent last week to 1.8 million listeners.KTVB’s ratings are up from the previous year and are the best in its history.

It also saw a rise in listeners after it was axed by K-Pop music station SM Entertainment in 2014.

Its popularity is in large part thanks to the radio show’s “K-Pop 101” series that highlights K-pop music from the likes of Daesung, Psy, Seungri and more.

KTVW has also become a weekly radio show in the past three years.

K-pop’s biggest stars, including Psy and SeungRI, are not the only ones to find success on KTVA, which has seen strong growth since its launch in 2011.

Its flagship station KTRK, which currently has more than 12 million listeners, also saw growth last week.

Its ratings have increased from 2.4 million in 2015 to 6.2 million this year.

The station is currently averaging about 2.5 million listeners and is in the top 20 radio stations in the country.KTRK has been airing a regular program every Wednesday from 9:00am to 12:00pm, which is the same time each week that it hosts the weekly KTVN radio show.

KTRLK is also simulcast to all KTV stations across Australia.

Read moreKTVA’s popularity has seen the station go from being a small station to one of the most listened to in Australia, with more than 100,000 listeners a week.KTTVA has more people on the air than any other radio station in the world, according to Nielsen.

Its viewership is up almost 70 per cent from the same period last year, with KTRU and KTVU each reaching more than 300,000 and 200,000, respectively.

The new KTVK’s new “KTV 101” program will be airing weekly on Thursday nights.

It will also feature interviews with the likes and stars of K-Radio, the station’s main radio show, which airs on Sundays.KETV is the biggest KTV station in Australia.

It’s been broadcasting KTVLK since 2012 and has been a weekly station for three years now.KTCV has been broadcasting weekly since 2015 and is now one of KTVRK’s main shows.

Its audience is increasing every week, with the station getting more than 3 million listeners a year and nearly 3 million in the last two years.

Its show is also the most popular on the KTVX radio show on the ABC and is a regular on KTRW.KTXV is KTVF.

Its weekly program is broadcast at 9:30pm every Thursday, and its main station is KTCW.

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