Latest news from Indonesia: ‘We want to get rid of these people’: Jakarta mayor says he’s ready to ‘kill them’

Jakarta (AFP) – Jakarta Mayor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama said on Friday he would seek to “kill them” if Jakarta’s mayor failed to resign.

The Jakarta Post reported that Tjahajaja Purohit told Jakarta’s Sutopo Sentral, a government agency, that he wanted to use the threat of killing to force the resignation of the city’s leader, Abdulla Basuki, who is facing an investigation into corruption allegations.

“I don’t want to say I’ll kill them.

I want to kill them, because we’re tired of the corruption,” he said, according to the Jakarta Post.

“We don’t have money.

We don’t own the city.

We have no power.

We are all like slaves, we have no rights.”

Jakarta is embroiled in a political crisis that has left thousands of people without electricity and water, while thousands of civilians are under siege.

The conflict erupted last month when Basuki took office in the city after a year in power.

The former army general was accused of taking bribes in exchange for votes, and the country’s military said it would send troops to defend the capital.

Purnamama, who has called on the military to be deployed to protect the capital, has repeatedly vowed to crush the rebellion and has called for an end to corruption.

Last week, he said the coup had left the city in ruins.

“You’ve seen the pictures.

People are crying and the streets are empty.

The streets are completely empty,” he told AFP news agency.

Purotold the Jakarta-based news agency that the police were not deployed to the capital because it was a city of 300,000 people.

“Our military is ready to fight for the people’s protection and the people have said, ‘We will defend ourselves.’

We are ready to go to war,” he added.

Police have been deployed to guard the presidential palace in the capital after President Joko Widodo declared martial law, which prompted calls for an investigation.

Jakarta has been rocked by weeks of protests, some of them in support of a political rival who is in prison.

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