In today’s Indian news, we look at a few facts about the Bodhi temple in Kerala, India.

Today’s Today’s greyhounds article Why is Bodhi a true temple in the world?

We’ve seen a lot of temples in the news lately.

It’s true that a lot have been built or renovated over the years, but they’ve not all been true temples.

Some are simply facades.

Others are the result of attempts to replicate the style of the Chinese temple.

But in the modern era, there have been a lot more temples built and renovated.

Some of the most famous ones are the Bodhisattvas in Nepal, and the Bodhgaya Buddhas in the Philippines.

There are other temples that aren’t true temples, but which are very interesting and beautiful.

The Bodhisatta temple in Jammu and Kashmir is a classic example.

It was built by a Chinese monk named Ch’en Yen-Chang.

He made the temple as a place where people could meditate and receive the Buddha’s teachings, which were in the form of a stone tablet.

It became a pilgrimage site for the followers of the Buddha.

The Bodhisatras are the best example of what we’re talking about.

In fact, many of the other Bodhisats have been rebuilt, but the Bodhasattva temple is the only one that hasn’t been renovated.

Today we look more closely at some of the more popular temples that people have seen built or visited in India over the centuries.

The Hindu Temple in Jodhpur is probably the most well-known example.

The original structure was built in the 16th century by King Shambhu, the founder of the Gupta Empire.

The temple was built on the spot, with its original temple hall, and it still stands today.

There are a number of other temples around Jodhpur, the temple is very popular with tourists, and also has its own TV channel.

Today, we see a lot to like about the temple, it is one of the best examples of a modern Buddhist temple.

However, the fact that it is a temple is not as important as it might appear at first glance.

The main reason that people tend to like it is the fact it is built in a modern style, and that it has been renovated to look modern.

It has been transformed into a modern building with modern touches.

The main feature of the temple that is interesting is that it was built to accommodate people who were coming from different parts of India to visit the temple.

The fact that the temple has its original hall has led to a lot people from different places visiting it, including foreigners.

The other part of the attraction is that the main part of it has a courtyard and pavilion, which are typical of temples of this kind in India.

The pavilion is made of two pavilions, with a large central area where the guests can sit.

It is quite large, and a lot is shared between the different guests.

It also has an area for food and beverages, which can be shared between all the guests.

One of the main attractions of the Bodhsattva Temple is that there are no walls in it, and there are a lot flowers growing around the temple itself.

The flowers are part of a lot that are partaking in the ceremony that is happening inside.

It isn’t just about the flowers, but also about the people that are visiting the temple at the same time.

It’s also interesting to see the people sitting outside the temple during the day, who are mostly dressed in the traditional attire of the Buddhist tradition.

It makes people feel very much like they are part the ceremony.

There is also a big pavilion area at the centre of the building, and visitors can sit outside there, but it’s not a public area.

It does, however, have a large terrace that is surrounded by the pavilion.

The terrace also has a big pool, and you can sit on the terrace there.

It looks like a very big garden.

In this picture, you can see the pavilion area and the terraces.

It really is a very interesting building.

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