The Huffington and its ilk are obsessed with burger recipes.

They’ve spent countless hours creating their own versions of popular dishes, often adding cheese, tomato and/or mayo.

In the latest edition of The HuffingtonPost’s burger recipe roundup, HuffPost Food Editor-in-Chief Jen Glynn explores the many variations of burger recipes, as well as some of the less popular burgers.

Glynn started her burger-recipe journey by searching for the best burger recipe on Pinterest.

The recipe had to be very well-known, but was not necessarily vegan, gluten-free or dairy-free.

Glynns inspiration led her to research the best burgers in various restaurants around the world.

“I started looking for vegan burgers, but I couldn’t find them,” she says.

“They’re usually in a huge plastic bag.”

Then, Glynns learned that there was an Instagram-like burger sharing website called the Best Burger Recipe Board.

“So I posted on there and I found some really great recipes and it was a great community for people to share their recipes,” she adds.

“And I was inspired to start my own burger recipe board.”

Glyncs burger recipe foundry has grown over the past five years, and now hosts more than 40,000 recipes.

The burger recipe community has exploded in popularity since its inception.

In its first year alone, The Huffington post has grown to over 2 million followers.

Today, HuffPost food editors use The Huffingtonpost’s Burger Recipe Database to compile the best hamburgers on Pinterest and Instagram.

In addition, Glynn regularly publishes a weekly newsletter called The Best Burger, featuring her favorite burgers from around the globe.

Gynns burger recipe findsry currently has over 4,500 burgers, from burgers to sandwiches, sandwiches to desserts.

The recipes that have been published are curated by the site’s community of burger fans.

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