What a week for gaming news.

Yesterday we learned about Sony’s announcement of the PS4 Pro and Microsoft’s announcement that its Xbox One X is out in the wild, and today we learn that Sony is preparing to announce the PlayStation Camera.

Sony has confirmed to IGN that it’s preparing a camera and has already announced it will release it for consumers on September 15th.

Sony isn’t the only one making an announcement today.

Microsoft is expected to announce that the Xbox One S is out with a camera on September 18th, which is also the date for the Xbox Camera launch.

The next day Microsoft is planning to reveal the Xbox SmartGlass 2.

And lastly, EA is making an official announcement for its first-party games, which will be available on September 14th.

Today’s E3 news headlines include the PS6 Pro and Xbox One M, as well as the launch of Nintendo Switch.

The PlayStation 6 Pro is a high-end gaming console that is set to be released in late 2018.

It will feature a 1TB hard drive and 4K video.

It’s set to come with an Intel Core i7-3770K processor, 4GB of RAM, an Nvidia Titan X Pascal graphics card, and 4TB of storage space.

The PlayStation 6 is expected be available in a $399 bundle.

The Xbox One is set for a launch later this year.

It features a 4K screen with HDR support, an improved controller, and will be a much cheaper version of the Xbox 360.

The console is expected in bundles of $299 and $499, with the Xbox Ones retailing for $500 and $1000, respectively.

Microsoft is making the PS5 and Xbox 720 available later this month.

The PS5 is the most expensive console to date, and it will feature the latest specs and be available with a $400 price tag.

The Xbox 720 will be released on September 16th and will feature an upgraded version of Xbox Kinect.

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